A Message from Matt Mahoney

Since the moment my wife Beverly and I purchased our home and neighbors stopped by to welcome us, we wanted to be an integral part of this community. Bev encouraged me to get involved with the Citizens Advisory Committee which led to my being elected to the City Council in 2017, and to my now becoming Deputy Mayor in 2020. Hi, I’m Matt Mahoney.

Over my term I feel I have served you well, never missing a meeting, working with council members to maintain fiscal discipline, improve parks and open spaces, add quality affordable housing, and attract business and investment in our community.

I will bring common sense, accessibility, and understanding as we navigate tough times and resolve difficult issues with sensible solutions. 

It has been such a pleasure to represent your interests and I would be honored if you would reelect me to Position 7 on the Des Moines City Council. Your support means everything to me. Thank you!

I’m Matt Mahoney & I approve this message. This message has been brought to you by MattMahoney4DesMoines.

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