My Plan

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My focus as a member of your City Council:

Progress our city forward not backwards – Make our city attractive for development (Marina, Redondo, and through out our town) viable for our businesses and provide a safe, healthy and great place for all our residents to enjoy.

Maintain Fiscal Discipline – To ensure our city has the best credit ratings and well positioned to fund our key developments: Marina, Redondo, Downtown, Pacific Highway, Road Improvements, Safe Routes to Schools, Infrastructure, Neighborhood Integrity, etc.

Support Our Businesses and Encourage Beneficial Development – Promote and Encourage residents to shop and dine locally throughout our town.  Encourage and support current business owners while looking for other opportunities for new businesses to find a home in Des Moines.  Lobby for development that will bring benefit to our community.

Public Safety and Emergency Management – Support and Preserve our Police, Public Works and Parks Departments.  Support our Des Moines Police and their efforts to be on the leading edge of modern-day law enforcement and crime prevention while ensuring transparency and adequate funding to do so.  Work with City Staff, Fire and Police to ensure we are doing all we can to support and protect our residents, especially during times of emergency such as we face today.

Quality of Life – Continue to improve our parks and open spaces.  Support Policy that benefits the residents and their safety both personally and property wise.  Lead efforts to build community.  Invite and Encourage all our residents to be part of our beloved town.  Find ways to connect neighborhoods and people with their passions that benefit them and Des Moines.

Accessible to our Residents – To listen, hear and support the needs (Infrastructure, Crime Prevention, Enhancements, Airport Issues, etc.) of all nine great neighborhoods within the city of Des Moines (Central Des Moines, Marina District, North Central, North Hill, Pacific Ridge, Redondo, South Des Moines, Woodmont and Zenith.)